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The MGE-Network is a leading online advertising and promotional company for businesses and charities. MGE provides access to affordable, professionally designed, advertising splash pages and blogs for business as well as full page project promotional and fundraising pages for churches, charities and worthy causes.  As businesses purchase their own advertising packages they receive an equal product to donate to the charity of their choice within the MGE-Network. The MGE-Network provides over 40,000 properly vetted churches, charities and causes for all of our Business partners to chose from. 

Please feel free to check out all of of our Advertising and Promotional Products and please feel free to view and donate to the incredible Charity Projects our Business partners are supporting and recommending.

To view all of our Business partners please check out the MGE-Family Market  for great savings from our business partners to you.

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Charity, Disaster Relief, Red Cross
Apostolic and Christian Churches Projects, Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid

Great Online - Web Based Products & Services for You,  Your Family, Your Home, Your Favorite Charity and Your Business.

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