Business Advertising and Charity Promotional Package


successBusiness/Charity Advertising Package

At MGE we understand that we offer a lot of product and services that can be overwhelming at first.

Therefore we offer a complete advertising account set-up package to help you get started.

Let us do the work and make your

MGE Business/Charity Account a real success working for you!

Your Business/Charity Advertising package includes:

The complete setup of all the products listed below: 

  • MGE permanent membership account set up- including free Classified ads, Blogs, forums, chats and more.
  • Your MGE Profile across the MGE-Network
  • Your One page Blog ad on MGE-Connect
  • Your MGE-Family Market Partner AD


Your logos,  and content

Your Business information

Your links to  your website and social media

Your promotional videos.

  • Professional graphic design layouts to present your company at it's best.
  • SEO and full promotion to our vast network - usually around 55,000 per month.
  • Full Charity promotion and fundraising account gifted to the Charity of your choice-some restrictions apply.

McQuinn Global Enterprises

Business Hours

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Fri: 10:00 am-2:00 pm

402 Douglas Street

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Online COO - Lois McQuinn


Phone: (By Email Appointment Only)


Purchase your complete MGE-Network Advertising and promotional package here:

This is a one time purchase of $229.95 (Can)

Your Business/Charity Account Set Up Includes but is not limited to:

  1. Your Business profile and Business ad page designed and added to the MGE-Network including the MGE Family  Market and  MGE-Connect
  2. Your favorite charity's account set up and one Project board ad complete.
  3. The fundraising account complete with affiliate links for promotion.
  4. Your complete SEO and Social links
  5. Links to your website and all testing.
  6. Full Business Classified ad in MGE-Connect
  7. Full Blog Page
  8. Full Business Splash page

We try to deliver your complete ad campaign set up within 72 hours of purchase from the time permissions necessary to complete the work are obtained

This is an extensive permanent ad campaign that can be upgrade and edited at any time as long as your Business/Charity membership remains current.

Special Notice

If you fall into one of the categories below your Business/Charity Advertising package has been paid in full!

To take advantage of your paid account please email:


  1. You were an original Life time Member of TVG whose account was grandfathered into MGE and you currently have an active MGE - Membership (Registered Here)
  2.  You are with the UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH INTERNATIONAL  and represent a North American District, or if you are an Aim worker or Missionary with the UPCI then your account set-up has been paid in full. (Register Here)

To activate your advertising and promotional account please contact