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MGE-Sales Associate & Account Managers

(Open only to Canadian Citizens Only)

Know the Company


McQuinn Global Enterprises is an International Holding Company- based and registered in Saskatchewan. Canada

As a holding company we have many divisions with different products and services.

To view all of our current divisions and legal company information please see the About Us page

So what does an MGE-Sales Associate and Manager actually do?

As a sales manager your number one goal and responsibility is the sale of MEG-Memebrship Packages.

As an online, home based, independent sub-contractor  you will be preforming many tasks during your day to day operations. These are some, but not limited to, the duties you may be preforming.

  1. Supplying Businesses and Charity contacts with informational packets as to how the MGE products and services can help their business and favorite charity.
  2. You will help those who contact you identify and chose the best membership package for them, their company and Charity and help with the MGE- sign up process.
  3. You will then monitor the creatation of their MGE Advertising and Promotional pages, complete with their Charity fundraising page and projects.
  4. You may also assist them with setting up their companies fundraising campaign providing flyers, and information to their customers and clients
  5. You will obtain copy-write permissions for their advertising and promotional MGE web pages.
  6. You may create the graphic design and pages or forward the information to the graphic design team.
  7. You will work with your client to make sure that all of the social links and web links are hot and the pages are acceptable.
  8. You will help with client concerns and forward them on to Support when needed.
  9. You will help with the actual fundraising for the Charity with social media campaigns, webinars,  home parties, trade shows and seminars.
  10. You will represent the MGE company policy's, ethics, values and commitment to quality customer service to the general public.

Important to note:

Sometimes it is important to note what a company is not to help gain a deeper understanding.

  • MGE is NOT an MLM or Network Market Company- there are no "fees" "kits" or "monthly auto ship products" to buy for this career position.
  • MGE is a for profit company and not a charitable company (sales are the backbone of any company and MGE is no exception) as a sales representative for MGE you may be making cold calls or going door to door soliciting Businesses and Charities. MGE may also supply you with leads, contacts and client information.
  • MGE is not a salaried company but provides sub-contracted positions only, with commission sales income based on the number of accounts you hold and administer.
  • MGE does not allow it's sub-contractors to handle clients finances. You will not be working with or accepting cash or cc information at any time, for any reason, all financial account information is done online.

Our Company Financial Plan and Compensation Plan is Simple and Easy to Understand.


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Send an updated current resume including references along with

  1. A cover letter of introduction
  2. A 500 word essay on why you think you would be a good fit for our company include your goals and dreams.

Resumes without the letter of introduction, references and essays will be rejected.

Please email the above to

Only those who fit our companies ethics, values and job requirements will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in McQuinn Global Enterprises.

Lois McQuinn- COO and Co-Owner of MGE

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