How does an MGE – Membership help my Business?


So glad you asked …

The Problems:

Expense: We at MGE know that advertising costs for small to medium business is expensive and you can spend a lot of money with very little results. You can spend thousands on newspaper, tv, online, Facebook, Google ads and still not find the loyal customers you are looking for.

Time: For many business owners, most just don’t have the time necessary to upgrade their online skills or physically do all the advertising and promotional needed for today’s market.

Knowledge: There are also so many online companies and options it is just one more area a business owner is expected to stay on top of. For most small businesses we know how difficult that can be, if you are a mechanic you want to be working on vehicles not worrying about your SEO and whether or not if people are finding your business!

Solicitation: As a business owner we know you and your company are approached by many causes needing funds- this can be frustrating and time-consuming having to tell people “no” over and over, even though the causes and charities may be great the funds only stretch so far. When you say you’re registered with MGE that gives you a ligament company to work through for fundraising and donation. Please feel free to send those soliciting your company directly to MGE for registration.

The Solution:

An MGE- business membership gives you as a business owner a LOT of advertising and promotion as well as helps you financially support the Charity cause that your company loves.

  1. First – depending on your company’s membership level your company is promoted through the MGE-Network with full page ads and links back to your company’s website and all your social promoting like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. we also look after your SEO for you.  Saving you, time, money and hassle
  2. Your Charity also receives a full page ad and you have the confidence in knowing that as you advertise throughout the MGE – Network you are helping to provide a fundraising account and support for your favorite Charity
  3. Depending on the advertising package you chose, you can receive a lot of promotional advertising reaching out to our clients – we have one client with over 4,000,000 members- we don’t guarantee we will reach that many but we do guarantee we will try.
  4. We are totally proud of our pricing, we know are the lowest on the net for all of our many features – starting at a one time payment of just $29.95 your online advertising and promotion is covered and your favorite Charity receives a product of equal value and earns 100% of all donations they receive free through the MGE Network

Getting Started:

Register Now  to create your MGE-Membership

Then choose an advertising package that suits your needs, then one of our account specialists will walk you through the process ensuring your advertising and promotional pages are beautiful and present the public image that you want to promote.

OR – if you’re ready to get started now –

Purchase  Your MGE- Advertising and Promotional Membership Package Now.

MGE will do all the work for you just purchase your product today – and an MGE Representative will contact you to help you with your advertising and Charity campaign.