How does my MGE-Membership Help My Charity or Cause.



The MGE-Network was built for just this purpose – helping Charities and organizations promote their charitable projects to the general public and receive funding to help those in need.

The Problems:

The problems facing our Charitable organizations today are huge here are just a few…

  1. Funding – With the economic world wide recession families and individuals are feeling the strain and when they start tightening their belt one unfortunate consequences is that Charitable giving drops, and real people who look to these funds to help them in their daily struggles suffer greatly.
  2. Lack of Trust – there is always been those who use the charity banner as a means of scamming and defrauding individuals. that has left most people very wary about supporting causes and charities, and like all things it is only the negative that get all the media attention.
  3. Who do I give to when there are so many needs – donor burn out is happening fast- earthquakes, fires, famines – the exorbitant number of orphans in some regions – wars and refuges- the homeless in our own back yard- the lady with cancer who can’t afford the pain meds. everywhere you turn there are  real needs and people are confused.
  4.  Project promotion- most small charities and churches can’t afford to advertise or promote their many projects and finances are stretched thin. pastors are working secular jobs just to keep the church doors open, or feed the homeless or try to care for orphans.

The MGE-Solution

Being in the charitable industry gives us a unique understanding of how charities work their strengths and weaknesses.

So here are the answers to these frustrating problems:

  1. The funding issue- The MGE membership is so unique in that it offers a lot of both product and service to all of our members. By creating an internet site with real savings for families- we give each individual and family more disposable income in their pocket that can also be donated directly to their favorite charity or cause.  The Charity receives 100% of this donation. All of MGE’s administrative costs are covered through advertising and promotional fees.
  2. The lack of trust – because of our unique world wide ground coverage and position we are in the unique place to be able to properly vet all the charities wanting to register with MGE. We do the work of knowing who they are and if the funds are being used as they said they would be,  giving our members confidence that their  Charitable donation is doing what it is suppose to do – help those in real need.
  3. The many, many needs world wide- at MGE we have a unique feature where we can highlight the emergency needs worldwide and get funds directly to the people on the ground within hours.  10% of the income from Advertising and promotion is used for emergency charitable funding and members can quickly donate with their savings as well.
  4.  Project promotion- With MGE – charitable projects get seen and those pastors and charities most in need can receive the help they so richly deserve – as a society we need to get back to supporting those who sacrifice their everyday lives to help others- the media has lead us to believe people like that don’t exist- but they do and we are pleased to have their projects promoted through the MGE-Network

If you haven’t join MGE as yet, I would like to encourage you to do so and be a great blessing to those in need worldwide.

We use the biblical admonishment to care for 4 main groups of people represented by – the Levite (Pastors and those ministering to those at home) the Stranger (the refugee and foreign missions) the fatherless (the orphan and single parents ) the widow ( those in need, the poor at home-the elderly, homeless, disabled) Deut; 26:12