How to $ave…

save big

Save hundreds of dollars this year with an MGE-Membership AND help support your favorite charity at the same time!

The Problems:

  1. Inflation - At MGE we know times are tough world wide, food prices and the cost of everyday goods are skyrocketing.

Trying to make ends meet is difficult-so we help you and your family find real savings at the stores where you are shopping right now.

If you are on the low to middle income bracket (making less than $88,074 ( then we know just how hard it is financially.

2.  Giving - We also know how hard it is to give to the many great charities and causes that need the extra money to help those in real need.

The MGE-Network Solution:

No need to change grocers or do anything special.

We do all the hard work for you scouring the internet for the best online and local savings for you and your family.

When you  register for an MGE- Membership it opens up a world of savings and some wonderful things happen ;

  • Just by being a member you are helping , you can showcase a charity, share their projects, fundraise for them and give directly through your MGE-Account.
  • The Family Market has online shopping with real savings of 10-100%* off everyday items.
  • We also try to ensure we promote only the best companies who provide excellent quality products and customer service.
  • We also try to provide coupons sites and access to companies that give you access to high level coupons right at your local store.

Two of these companies use phone apps where you scan your receipt and the funds are directed to your account.

We are pleased to be partnered with these companies and also to have had a hand in helping them develop charity fundraising programs.

We $ave to Give:

When we developed the MGE model we wanted to make sure you as a family were saving and through those savings you had the great feeling of knowing you had more disposable income and were now able to help out your favorite charity or local church.

When you save through MGE it opens up a world of new oppotunities:

1.You can donate directly to your Church, Charity or Cause- with MGE they receive 100% of all donations made through the MGE website.

2. Or you can clean up some of those bills.

MGE also has a generous affiliate program (7% Commission) for those wanting to earn a little extra while sharing MGE with friends and family.


So how to get started?

  1. If you haven't registered for your MGE- membership do that now - it's free 


(see Below)

After your registration- make sure your profile is completed and up to date.

2. The go immediately and begin to surf the many companies that are registered with MGE. Sign up for as many as you can and make sure to click on their newletters so that receive all the sales and saving.

3. As you begin to save 10-100% keep a record of how much you are saving each month. Those who have tested the system have some great testimonies to tell of superior savings each month - this author has saved hundreds of dollars through using these companies.

4) Once the savings start then use the saving to help you and your family, and then donate to help those in need,

Compare - MGE Gives you access to Incredible Online Companies -

Just as a FYI:

Those using Trunited save 10% off ALL their purchases with their program. ( USA Only)

Those using Thrive Life save 20-40% Off Their Grocery Bill

Those using Cameron's Store receive product absolutely free, save 100%, just for joining MGE. Cameron's Store offers gifts, kids cloths, Homeschooling supplies, and all thing family and Christian with over 1/2 million products to chose from you can't go wrong.

And these are just 3 of our thousands of local and online companies registered with MGE.