How to Start an MGE-Fundraising Program

 The MGE- Fundraising Program

This program is only available to MGE Business/Charity Members. If you are not a Business/Charity member please join and purchase your advertising and promotional package now.

The Christian Sponsorship program is used to help promote and fund raise for the 700 Apostolic and Christian Church Organizations, and thousands of other Christian Charities, Community organizations and those in need worldwide.

By promoting the many humanitarian and mission projects through the MGE Network, many people have been helped.Children have been fed, Home Missions pastor supported, roofs put on churches, people have been clothed, missionaries promoted and Bible Schools receive funding.

Knowing our pilot program worked so well has encouraged us to expand and to promote the program worldwide.

We encourage all of our MGE- Business to become a Business/Charity partner and  promote their favorite charity across the MGE-Network and the internet. You can also fundraise  to help a home mission church, a missionary, widow, orphan or someone in need. The needs are great and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the world is wonderful.

Purchase your Business/Charity account now and begin to promote the projects of your church or charity .

(Some restriction apply MGE reserves the right to reject any project or charity without explanation)

The MGE – Fundraising Program is easy to start for any individual, Youth Group, Church or Charity

Just follow these simple steps:

1) Purchase your  Business/Charity Membership and receive one Fundraising Account Free

Fund Raising accounts are only available to registered MGE B/C Memberships.

2) Pay-it-Forward! When you purchase your B/C advertising and promotional package- you receive on Charity account to donate to the Charity of your choice- a $229.95 (value) Your charity may or may not issue a donation receipt for this gift.

Promote the Charity’s Blog Page to raise funds for a church, charity, missionary, orphan or person in need. All Funded accounts are property of the Charity and 100% of the funds are forwarded to the Charities account.

Your charity may or may not issue a cash donation receipt for this gift .

If you don’t have a church or charity in mind but would love to help we currently have 130,000 churches, charities missionaries, orphanages and orphans, widows, the homeless and those in need waiting for sponsorship

3) “NEW” – MGE now creates all the advertising and promotional campaigns for your company and for the Charity of your choice – ensuring the protection of the logos and branding of our business and charity partners.

The MGE team takes great care in creating the business advertising and the Charity project, making sure it is categorized in the MGE-Network with proper SEO. We also take care of ensuring 100% the funds and donations each month are forwarded to your charity.

4) Anonymous Donors 

If you wish to remain anonymous we can do that too.

5) ***NEW***Going one step further

At MGE , we also allow for a very unique form of fundraising – our sales program allows our sales staff to fundraise for the charity of their choice when they make a sale of advertising products through our sales department. Ie The Salesperson creates the sale and the Charity receives the full 30% commissionable income. This is an excellent program for retirees, the disabled or stay at home Mom’s wanting to help create an income for a home missionary, an orphanage or they can split the income between various charities.

There is no cost to start this program – just  apply for a sales position.


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