The MGE-Christmas Charity Choice Award 2017

MGE is pleased once again to promote the dedicated and selfless work of  the UPCI North American Home Missionaries, for over 30 years the McQuinn Family has been a strong supporter of this work.

From the desk of our COO

As a Western Canadian, home missionary and church planting family, we the McQuinn family, have greatly loved and supported Christmas for Christ as one project that is very dear to our hearts.  

The work and dedication it takes to establish a new Church, council, help and encourage a community is the greatest work anyone could ever embark upon, as Spiritual First Responders - North American Home Missionaries often are on call 24/7 - ministering and helping those in need.

This Christmas,  we at MGE would like to encourage our members to consider Christmas for Christ as the charity of choice for this years Christmas gifting.

When you support a Home Missionary you are gifting a whole community with love, support and someone to comfort them and bring them to Christ for 365 days of the year.

From all of us at MGE and the McQuinn Family we would like to wish one and all  a very Merry - Christ filled Christmas.

How Christmas for Christ Began

Bro. Yonts testimony in his own words


 Christmas For Christ

Helping Home Missions all across North America

Make a direct donation now.

NOTE: remember to add in the district, province or state where you would like the funds to go this Christmas, or look up the the district in the project section below. (Scroll down to the bottom for the full list of North American Districts)

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Christmas For Christ is an annual offering that supports church planters in North America.  CFC has raised almost $80 million dollars since it’s inception in 1966.  Please join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary by giving your best gift to Christ this Christmas.

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North American Missions partners with established churches, and our focus is:

  • Promotion – Spotlighting our harvest field, and the harvest workers (church planters).
  • Training – Preparing church planters as much as possible for their important and challenging task.
  • Administration – Ensuring all church planters are operating with biblical & organizational accountability.
  • Sending – Raising and allocating funds to support church planters.

The official offering date is December 17, 2017

Christian Prisoner Fellowship

Christian Prisoner Fellowship

Church in a Day

Church in a Day

Evangelist Ministry

Evangelist Ministry

Metro Missions

Metro Missions


Friends of American Missions (FAM) is a monthly financial partnership used to equip Church Planters.  FAM provides multiple benefits, including scholarships for Bible colleges, Media production, and more.


An MGE-Charity Recommendation

Request a North American Home Missionary for your Community.

If you do not currently have a UPCI – Home Missionary in your community please feel free to contact the UPCI and request more information today.


What can a UPCI-Home Missionary do for you and your community?

Home Missionaries are “Spiritual First Respondents”.

Working directly with community leaders a Home Missionary defines his role in the community as lead by the Spirit of the Lord and in accordance with the protocol of the UPCI.

Currently, and in the past, Home missionaries have helped to address and provide caring, compassionate Biblical solutions to many societal problems.

Home missionaries duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Providing Biblical, spiritual and emotional counseling for those in need regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Helping to address, create and facilitate various programs and services within the community helping to support those suffering from homelessness, poverty, neglect and addictions.
  • Offering emergency “first response” spiritual care to families or a community in crisis.
  • Offering spiritual care to those in hospital and provide in – home spiritual care follow up.
  • They may also help to facilitate spiritual and emotional counseling to law enforcement, medical and emergency service providers, schools and educators through registered UPCI Chaplains.

The best thing any mayor and council  can do for their community is to provide a full time UPCI Home missionary.

Contact the UPCI Home Missions Dept today and request a

Home Missionary for your community.