Myanmar Floods-Immediate Need

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Devastating floods have caused widespread damage

CSI needs you to help us raise $10,000.00 to help flood victims:

Myanmar has been hit with massive flooding during July with more rain expected to fall. Thousands of people have been affected. Crops have been lost. Homes, churches, roads, schools and more have been destroyed. Resources are very limited. Emergency assistance is slow to arrive especially in remote areas where roadways are mostly impassable. CSI has received a request to help with temporary shelter and blankets for the many who have lost their homes. With the threat of more rain this is an urgent need. Any donation amount will help us meet our goal to raise $10,000.00 to help our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Prayerfully consider what you can give.

Click HERE to donate now to our Myanmar Relief Fund.

Thank you in advance for putting your compassion in action to help those in need.
Scotty Slaydon

Donate to Myanmar Relief

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By donating today you will be offering hope to many who have been wondering if help would ever come. For those who have lost everything it seems impossible that life will ever return to normal again. You can offer the possibility for families to once again live with hope.

This just In:
When it rains it pours is a saying many use when one challenging thing after another happens in life. Right now CSI is literally experiencing this old saying. Recently we sent an email appeal to help the people of Myanmar due to recent flooding. CSI has also received a request to help victims in Mozambique. We have learned of devastating flooding in Mozambique where due to lack of proper medical care, Cholera has spread quickly. One pastor along with six of his family members contracted Cholera and sadly all seven of them passed away. CSI has contacts ready to deliver emergency relief like: Food, mosquito nets and personal items since many have lost everything. If you would like to donate you can do so now by clicking the Donate Now button below. We still need to raise $19,000.00 to help the many who have been affected. Learn more HERE.

Thank you once again for prayerfully considering what you can do.

With appreciation,

Scotty Slaydon
Donate Now

CSI-Compassion-FINAL10One question that is often asked of me is… “How do you know the money is actually getting to the people that need it?”

This question and the answer to this question is the main reason McQuinn Global Enterprise works within the Apostolic and Christian churches. Knowing the people, their beliefs, their moral and ethics makes it easy to support the work. Compassionate Services is just one such organization. We have supported this group since their humble beginnings back in the 80’s as an arm of the United Pentecostal Church, where when you gave $1.00 those in need received a dollar. Now as a fully independent aid agency they maintain the same strong Christian values and morals and still working within the church are able to put boots on the ground very quickly in response to world wide disasters. Working under the financial direction of Rev Scotty Slaydon I have the confidence that every effort is made to make our donations stretch as far as possible.

Rev McQuinn and I can fully endorse the work of Compassionate Services and encourage you if you want to donate, this agency is one of the best.and an award winner.

Compassionate Services also has a fundraising account within CSP Fund Raising as well to earn residual income. You can help both by donating and by purchasing your account under Compassionate Services. Compassionate services will receive 100% of the commission from all sales. Please feel free to join and help fundraiser on their behalf.

1) Immediate One Time Donation Click Here

2) Join me in my fundraising efforts through the MGE-Fundraising Program Purchase your MGE-Account under Compassionate Services and they will receive a monthly residual income from your customer account. You Receive access to over 1,600,000 products and services to help you save up to 90% on everyday groceries and purchases.

3) Become a MGE-Affiliate and learn how to fund raise on their behalf and become part of the answer.

4) Volunteer directly with Compassionate Services.

5) Purchase Thrive Life and juice Plus for feeding programs and emergency aid.

Lois McQuinn

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