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About NCC
      With over 70 churches in Fredericton, religion plays a vital role of the cities culture. This includes many United Pentecostal Churches within the city as well as in the surrounding area. The pastors of these churches invite NCC students to be a part of their ministry team. While attending these churches, students have been encouraged to teach Bible studies, take part in prison ministry, kids ministry, youth ministry, worship leaders and volunteer their time in the day-to-day needs of the church.

NCC students are also able to utilize their unique talents and experience practical training in ministry while on one of the many weekend ministry trips held during the school year. NCC is one of the only Bible Colleges in North America with a weekend ministry program. This program sends students to churches across New Brunswick, P.E.I, Ontario, Québec, Maine and Vermont to minister through music, testimonies, preaching and the facilitating of kids services. Every student has the chance to be involved in the weekend ministry program and is urged to do so.

Students are also encouraged to get involved at the college, whether that means being a member of the student council, on one of the social committees, participating in the annual benefit concert or being involved in chapel service. Students can sign up to run the sound booth, play an instrument, praise sing, lead in worship, take prayer requests or preach during chapel.

The focus of NCC is to develop leaders for ministry. Every area of the curriculum and programs available are centered on this mission.


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NCC has had a direct impact on the McQuinn family and it is our pleasure to present them here in the MGE-Network.  At this time CSP is fundraising for the School, the faculty and the students..

God bless them for their hard work and dedication to the preaching of the Word of God- laying a powerful foundations in many young peoples lives.

If you would like to help the NCC with their fundraising for these worthy causes (click to see all Sheaves for Christ does) you can do so in many ways:

1) Make a Direct Donation Here:


Join the MGE-Fundraising Program for NCC just click on a link below you will be redirected to the main page and just click JOIN NOW in the menu bar- it’s that easy!

2) Sign up for your Network membership under the District and they will receive 100% of the commission able income.

3) Sign up as a Business/Charity Partner with the MGE-Network and fundraiser on behalf of the School.

4) Sign your church under the school and begin a fundraising campaign for your Church, as your church earns residual income so does the school!

Feel free to support any of the faculty below (Coming soon in 2016)

Northeast Christian College Staff

Bro. Calhoun

Melvin Calhoun, President.
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Bro. Mitchell

Lester Mitchell, Campus Pastor
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Bro. Gowan

Bill Gowan, Music Director
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Brian Cole, Maintenance/Men’s Supervisor
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Sis. Mitchell

Patsy Mitchell, Dean of Women
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Sis. Cole

Lilian Cole, Ladies Residence Supervisor
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Sis. Cole

Sis Trail

Frances Trail, Head Cook
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Angela Mills, Office Administrator
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Sis. Mills

If you are a student entering into studies with NCC this fall and would like to earn through the MGE-Fundraising program and have your name listed here please contact MGE- here:

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