Emergency Need!!

Oct.06,2015 Speaking with Bro.Peteti this morning the feeding funds for the children run out today, they are already down to one meal a day and tomorrow that will be gone.
44 Precious children went to bed hungry again tonight.
Their situation is breaking our hearts.
Living in a Hindu country the Indian government will not help Christian children.
We are in need of a real miracle!!
If the Lord leads you please give and we are looking for 44 families who will adopt a child each month for $40.00 a month.

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Caring for 44 orphans the Outlook Gospel Lighthouse Inc. helps to provide clothing, school supplies and daily food as part of our Charitable Programs.

“The Children of Today are the Best Citizens of Tomorrow” — Telugu Proverb 

Little Blooms Children’s Orphanage  provides shelter, education, food, medical care and Christian Ministering.

There are thousands of orphaned children in India and we are determined to save as many of these children as we can. We are giving them a better future with hope and knowledge of Jesus. Presently we have 44 Children in our home who would otherwise go without. With the Grace of our Lord we are planning to save more Children.

We take special care with each Child, monitoring their habits and their daily routine.

We put time and care into their studies and education

We work hard to provide them with nourishment and proper clothing

We provide medical examinations to keep them safe from diseases

We provide comfort to replace the fear of living in the streets to the peace of living in a Christian home.

We share the love of Jesus and the Gospels with our Little Blooms Children


We ask you to give now to Little Blooms Children’s Orphanage.   We ask you to help us in raising up a new generation in God, by caring for these orphans and giving them better training and the discipline required to carry on and help others in the future.

$480 USD for one year will provide for one Child, meals, breakfast, milk, education, shelter and medical care.

$40 USD for one month will provide for one Child, meals, breakfast, milk, education, shelter and medical care.

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(100% of your donation goes directly to Little Blooms Orphanage – minus the banking fess for Pay Pal the Outlook Gospel Lighthouse does not charge admin fees.)

Your investment today gives the Children hope for a better future and lets them know they are not abandoned, but loved and cared for.

Please Pray for us as we work towards our commitment to help these Orphans. By helping them we will help the community and the world.

God Bless.


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