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little-blooms-laughingA letter from the MGE- COO Lois McQuinn

Over the last few years it has been our families  privilege to pray for and promote the Little Blooms Orphanage, India. During that time we were able to provide some limited  financial aid to the children and to the orphanage.


Now we are escalating our promotion to help each child personally. As the world goes though many changes and challenges the children are the ones who get left behind, whether they are in areas of sever poverty, war torn counties or orphaned for one reason or another these children need our love, prayers, long term support and yes, financial help.


Please feel free to make a one time donation here:

Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans
Little Blooms Orphans

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Help this precious child and all of Little Blooms by becoming a monthly supporter- 100% of the funds -Paypal fees are directed to the orphanage

For $40.00 a month you can help with clothing, food, education and medical needs.

Sign up now for monthly support - Little Blooms will receive the full donation and administer the funds on behalf Yesu and the orphanage. God bless you for your care!

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I want to help but I'm experiencing difficulties myself and need help.


If you are unable to help support on a regular bases but would like to help out? Then join the MGE-Network for just $9.95/month and receive all the great savings and products. As you save real money through local and online shopping, the Orphanage will receive 100% of the commision-able income each and every month you remain a member.

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I would love to do more - how can I fund-raise for the Little blooms to make their life easier?Fundraising

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God bless you for your care.

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sis-joyceGreetings to all my facebook friends. I want to turn your attention to a specific group of orphans who are desperately in need of help. Pastor Peteti is an Indian Apostolic believer who was baptized in Jesus name by Rev. Shalm. He has the Holy Ghost and has rounded up a group of orphans, some of whom have already given their hearts to the Lord. I believe they number in the 40's. These orphans are getting one meal a day as Pastor Peteti labours to feed and clothe them. He works faithfully, sleeping only 3 hours per night. He is a married man with a family of his own to care for. The need is great. Lois McQuinn has undertaken to set up a funding system whereby anyone who wishes can send an offering of $40/mon to support a child. So far, she has only one donor. Please give this some consideration. This brother travels extensively bring truth to others. May the Lord move on your heart to share in helping Little Blooms Orphanage and this precious brother. God bless!
From Sis. Joyce Morehouse
mitch Rev.M.D.McQuinn I don't often make appeals on FB, but this pastor is doing a tremendous work for God in India. Research has shown that national pastors are much more effective than missionaries in foreign countries, and Bro Peteti is living proof. He runs a state registered orphanage with over 40 children that due to lack of funding, have been unable to attend school this fall, and are struggling to get enough food. I have been friends with this brother for several years now, and I can tell you that he is very accountable with any funds that are sent to him. He will keep you updated with how the funds are being spent if you are able to help him. All Canadian donations are tax-deductible. For more information go here:…/outlook-gospel-lighthouse-inc-…/
Mitchell McQuinn for Little Blooms